Phew – so it’s finally happened, I’m published…nearly. Tomorrow is my official launch day when the eBook goes live. I have written and am publishing cozy mysteries under a pen name. It’s been a long journey and a lot of hard work. I’ve set up an author platform, social media, a mailing list and a free novella. And now I am sitting back looking at my contemporary women’s fiction, ‘Eversley Village’ series. I’ve been circulating the first novel in the series around publishers and have had some great feedback, but a couple of the publishers were unsure as to whether my book would do well in the American market. I was then offered a contract by an American publisher. But, having run the contract by the Society of Authors I decided that I would prefer to publish my work myself. When it came to actually signing away the rights to my books, I couldn’t go through with it. It’s not for me, I guess I just want to be in charge. This means that I have to go through the whole self-publishing procedure with my contemporary women’s fiction pen name. I did consider whether I should use the same pen name as my cozy mysteries. Some people said that would be fine – considering my romance is relatively clean. (Cozy mystery is a no sex, no swearing type of genre so you would not mix it with steamy fiction). But last night, I watched a webinar by Mellissa Storm, who writes both cozy and romance and she said that writing different genres under the same name totally messes up the Amazon algorithms. So, Suzanne Fox will remain the author of the Eversley Village series.

I’ll sign off now as I have a lot to do today, to prepare for tomorrow’s launch.

Wish me luck!

Suzanne 🙂

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