Trudging through treacle


2684 words achieved yesterday and I have reached the 58,000 word mark. I have split the manuscript into chapters but have got to the stage where I feel I am waffling. I am fighting the voice that is telling me that I am writing a load of old rubbish. I need to acknowledge that this is a first draft and I am merely getting the story down. Once the story is down I will review the plot, decide if I need to add more plot lines. It’s all part of the process. If I stop now and do further character development and plot development – my mind will get tied up with sub plots and I may delay getting the first draft down. It’s a real trudging through treacle moment! 

My character is feeling weighted down with the hum drum of domestic life, which she is not used to – and I’m feeling that too. I need to add in some drama otherwise I am going to get as depressed about the situation as she is 🙂 I have lots more exciting situations for her down the line to sink her teeth into and maybe – if I can’t get through this part – I might jump to the drama! I want to get across that she is feeling like a fish out of water and trapped, but maybe I need to do that without boring the reader – perhaps I should be showing other characters having fun in contrast to Jaz to highlight the lull – rather than dragging the reader into this wallowing depression with Jaz and myself. 

Today I was due to travel up to London for the Screenwriters Festival – which of course has been postponed. It has been moved on to September but whether or not it will still go ahead – we will have to wait and see. I was looking forward to it. They do have an on-line event this coming Saturday though which I will tune into.

The day’s writing beckons – hope everyone else is moving along nicely with their projects.

Suzanne x

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