A good day writing


Today was very productive. I ensured that I got up when hubby’s work alarm went off – rather than lazing in bed. I tidied up the house. Filled the the slow cooker with the evening meal. Then got down to it. The words flowed and I feel I am back on track to finish my first draft of ‘Jaz’ by the end of the month. The current word count is 55,638 and I am aiming for 90,000. It’s within reach.

I have written a rough, dated outline of what happens and copied this onto my working manuscript. Although have forgotten all about chapters. This happens to me every time. I start off well then once I get into the story I completely forget about them. First thing tomorrow I will look at places I can insert chapters, before I go on. I started off with chapter lengths of roughly 2,800 words. 

Whilst writing, I look at any new female characters and ask myself whether they might become the main character in a future book. At the moment I have three potential characters for other books in the series. The process of considering what could happen to them in the future helps me develop rounder characters, rather than stereotype stock characters. 

I have been out for my early evening daily exercise and the meal which has been bubbling away all day in the pot, is now ready – so I’m off now to eat it.

Good luck everyone with your writing.


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