As mentioned I am writing a novel with the working title ‘Jaz.’ I reached the mid-point of the book where Jaz takes a huge life changing decision and burns her bridges in a ‘no going back’ moment. Originally this happened after only 38,000 words. As I am aiming for a 90,000 word novel and wanted this part to be at the middle of the book and had fallen short on my word count – I have spent the past month rewriting the first half of the book and ramping up the drama.  This has meant the word count has been harder to increase as it is rewriting – rather than writing. I have again reached the mid point and have just counted the words and the first half is now at 45,016. Obviously this is the first draft and that will change with further rewrites – of which there will be many – but I now feel confident to move on to the second half of the novel as Jaz tackles the challenges that her new life presents As this character appears in my first novel ‘Holly’s Hub’ I have spent over two years with her and feel like we are in this together and I am looking forward to the final resolution as I’m feeling rather guilty for putting her through the mill 🙂 

Writing ‘peacefully’ during lockdown has been far from easy. After a few lines the cat started trying to sit on my keyboard and then my daughter asked if I would write outside as she wanted to learn some new dance tricks – the tricks being hands free handstands and flips and didn’t want to be out there alone. Then hubby came out – after seeing that we were in the garden – he felt left out. Not that I mind the family time – it’s been a real task to get the teenager out of her bedroom all week. Then hubby asked daughter to cut his hair. Considering all of the interruptions I still managed a couple of thousand words down. 

Slowly but surely I will inch toward my goal.


1 thought on “Distractions”

  1. At 45k, you’re halfway there, yay! I’m sure your daughter did a good job on Dad’s hair. My hair was driving me nuts, so I asked Dear Husband to cut mine. He said, “You’re very brave.” But it turned out fine.:-)


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