Where the mood takes me…

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My first Contemporary Romance is out with Beta readers. When they are returned, I will start, what I am hoping, will be something nearing the final draft. I’ll then look for an agent. As a recap it is part of a three book series and I am about 17,000 in, on Book 2. I want to be traditionally published and have written in a clear genre, focussing on something I think will make me attractive to a publisher. Whilst I want to be traditionally published – I am also incredibly impatient and it could take months and years to find an agent and then it may take forever, or never, for them to place my book with a publisher.  With that in mind – I have been looking at the self-publish market with a view to writing in a different genre – under a different name. 

I love reading cosy mystery – so have two possible series bubbling away in my notebooks. However, whilst trawling the Amazon bestsellers came across a few ‘Billionaire Romances.’  Now this appeals to me because I worked in The City of London for thirteen years from my teens until I was thirty. I met a few rich guys over those years – rich as in ‘I have an island’. It was nice to go to great restaurants, drink in cool bars, not have to queue into the top clubs and attend private clubs. So – this could be an ideal genre for me.

I started writing – and forgot that I should do some research and read something in this genre. Yesterday I downloaded a few books from Amazon Unlimited  to see what the usual requirements are and WOW….8% in on the first book and there is a lot – and I mean a LOT of sex! I searched and found a category of Clean Billionaire Romance, but they don’t seem to be as popular.

I’m 3700 words in and am really enjoying the story so far.  I will go with the flow and depending on where the mood takes me, I’ll decide whether or not this will be a clean and sweet, or a hot and spicy romance!  

I’ll keep you posted!

Foxy 😉 xx

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