Happy New Year


Reflecting on 2019 I am pleased as punch with all of the words I have written. For 2020 I want to start thinking about publishing, I will be looking for an agent and also will consider the self-publishing route. My first novel is currently with beta readers and whilst that is being looked at I have started the second novel in the series. Having already invented the location and included known characters from the first book – it has been easier to get off of the ground. In December I attended my second meet up with the Imagine course Novel in a Year and the exercises Jenny Kane set in that workshop enabled me to flesh out some ideas. Although I have not written for two and a half weeks due to the Christmas period – I am already 8,800 words in. I am hoping that this novel will be completed a lot quicker than the first, which has taken me two years and I expect at least two more rewrites before I am happy to write out to agents. 

I would also like to write some short stories and articles this year and maybe send off a couple of poems I have penned. Also planning on attendant the London screenwriters festival. Having spent a few months at my desk I have let my health deteriorate a bit and piled on the pounds…or should I say stones – so I have set up a health blog to keep me motivated. Writing the health blog first thing in the morning will also get me in the writing mood for the rest of the day.

So that’s where I am at  on this day – 1 January 2020….what are your goals? 

Any biggies for 2020?

Suz xx

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Good luck with your revisions as the beta readers get back to you, and finding an agent, and writing the second book in the series, and all writerly things of 2020! For 2020, my two big goals are write a better novel, and talk/think more positively. I wrote and revised and edited a novel in 2019, but I dunno . . . it may be just a “practice novel.” (Thus the goal to write a BETTER novel in 2020.) Happy New Year!

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    1. Good luck … I am also trying to tap into the positivity. I used to live in a positive bubble so am going for that again… I am on a news blackout after the negativity of brexit/election. Good luck with the novel ❤️

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