What Next?


I’ve been speeding ahead with this NaNoWriMo getting excited and totally carried away. Poor hubby hasn’t seen much of me.  I have managed £17,000 words in five days and am a total of 27,000 into the novel. But now I’ve come to a bit of a halt. I’ve reached an ‘oh dear what happens next’ moment. I know some of what happens in the end but I am nearly a third of the way in and not sure what to do next. I know the people that the main character forms relationships with – but not what they actually do during this time. I am about 7000 words ahead on Nano at the moment so have decided to take some time out to do some research. 

I am currently looking up exorcisms and googling ‘what to do if you have a ghost’. It’s all a bit scary but I’m hoping for some ideas. One site has given a list of things you must not do – so I will ensure my character does all of those ha ha. Obviously the research will not extend to me using the Ouija board myself! I am hoping that after a day of research – all sorts of ideas will come to mind for story lines. Then I can get back on the horse!

It’s slightly unnerving setting a ghost story in my own house, it’s giving me the jitters, I was thinking about it as I was cleaning my teeth this morning and my daughter walked in and I jumped out of my skin! I’ve added a picture of my staircase…I think a lady in white, screaming as she floats down the stairs would look interesting! 

Good luck to everyone doing Nano, let me know how it is going for you 🙂


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