Camp Nano – Day 6


I got up early as per usual, made coffee, opened my MacBook, when a notification flashed up in the top right hand corner of my display…an email from the Open University asking me to accept a first class honours degree in the Arts (Creative Writing and Music). Such an amazing feeling. I rushed upstairs and ran around the bedroom like a five year old celebrating, as hubby looked on smiling. It’s a great feeling. But – I’m no longer a student – so what next? 

This summer I have a lot planned – holiday wise! The only writing I’ll be doing is the rewrite of my novel. Come September I’ll have a look at the wider creative writing scene – short stories, maybe a bit of flash, scriptwriting, join a writing group or two. I have an idea for novel number 2 and will be attending a writers retreat and ‘write a novel in a year’ with Imagine Creative (check them out It would be good to get out of the house, to get a part time job, meet people, get ideas, so will have a look around for something too. 

So, back to the writing. I haven’t written a word yet today but I did lay in bed in the wee hours thinking about my main character. She’s got to a stage where she’s going slightly crazy with all the obstacles which have been thrown at her to hinder the achievement of her goal.  The thing is I’m not sure if she’s gone too crazy to the point where the reader might get a bit fed up with her. Not sure if I have gone too far. I don’t want her to be perfect but need to stop short of ‘utter nutter’. I’ve decided that I need to do more work on her character. That it will time well spent to focus on this today – rather than rewriting any more as I may have to go back over things already written. I was introduced to ‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram’ personality system by my tutor Rosemary Dun. It categorises the various personalities into nine types. Apparently a lot of writers use this for their characters.  I just took part in an online personality test, in ‘Holly mode’ (my main character) and she has come out as a different personality to the one I had originally set out with. I will study the new personality type today and review my character profile for her. Out of interest, I also took the test, with myself in mind and was happy to see it was different! I’d been worried that Holly had turned into me!…that would definitely be a disaster!

Signing off now – hubby wants eggs and I’ve got a big book to read! 


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