Camp Nano – Day 5


I was at it again this morning – bit of a delay on the blog due to family – my daughter is helping to build the set for the school musical and we dragged a load of old wood up from our cellar and took it to her mates house. They are building a crypt.

Back to the novel – I’m at the mid-point now and have noticed that my writing has slipped into a lot of telling rather than showing. I am guessing the reason for this was that I was bashing the first draft out during another camp nano and was desperate to get the story down,  rather than focussing on craft. This has lead to me deleting more words. I need to really focus now, there is definitely a difference between the second half of the novel and the first, I expect the second half of the rewrite will be taking a lot longer than the first.

I am also a bit worried about my sub-characters, especially the love-rivals ‘Nina’ and ‘Ethan’. They are a little cliche – both of them look as if they are contestants on Love Island, are vain and annoying. I don’t think they seem real enough and are rather plastic. I need to work more on these characters – find out what makes them tick. I have opened folders in Scrivener with character profiles to complete and will spend some time working on this. I will then feed in the new characteristics to make them seem real.

Well – no more writing for me until tomorrow morning – Friday is cleaning and washing day! 

Hope other campers are getting along great 🙂


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