Camp Nano – Day 4

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Today, on my quest to rewrite my novel in a month, I have cut out a lot of words. I’d got a third of the way in and felt I’d slowed things down to the mundane. I deleted a whole chapter which was full of cups and tea, chats and internal bla bla and nothing actually happened. It seemed odd to take out three thousand words – but it needed to be done. 

I’ve found it so useful, revising my manuscript asking ‘does this move the story on? If not cut it’.  Although, this is reducing my word count, whereas I was hoping to increase it to 90,000 words. The total manuscript is now 76,000 words. I am speeding through this process because when I get to the business of trying to add in new scenes, that will of course take me a lot longer. If I manage to get this review done in the first two weeks then hopefully I can spend the last week in July, writing some more action. I do have scenes in my head and I’ve a whole new sub plot to weave in.  

This post is short and sweet as I’ve got masses to do today and been up since half five. The early bird and all that 🙂

Hope everyone else is getting on well with their projects.


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