Day 3 Camp Nano

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Only spent a couple of hours rewriting my novel today. I’ve got a busy day planned taking my daughter up to Bristol to get her brace tightened. 

I found a few inconsistencies today in my work – as far as timing is concerned. One minute it is late afternoon – then it is morning. This is what is good about nano – about deciding to do it all in a short space of time because I can see what is happening rather than having breaks here and there and forgetting what time of day it is. 

I came across the first scene which I feel does not move the story forward. It is a bit of scene setting and an information dump. Here though ,I have changed point of view (POV) to the romantic hero. So I have left it in as maybe we need to hang with this character for a while as it is the first time I’be switched to his POV. I had originally decided to write from only the main protagonist POV but I changed this as I went along. And having read a few romantic novels, it does seem quite a common way to write to novel. It’s good to see the heroine from someone else’s perspective. And you can connect the reader to the hero. The aim is for the reader to fall in love with this guy too – so the added insight and connection can help that along. 

Anyway, the story has started to become more active and I am just about two launch into a high action scene – I hate to stop at this point to be honest. That I hope is a good sign.

What POV are you using in your work? One POV, multiple? Omniscient?

Have a great day.


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