Day 2 Camp Nano

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I’ve spent another six hours today on my rewrite. I am up to 19,881 words. I’ve been updating the text mainly to ensure I am displaying the character’s emotions in every scene. It is surprising that I thought I had shown her emotions throughout – but in some scenes I’ve not shown any emotion at all – and assumed the reader would guess how she is feeling by the situation she is in and not showing her reaction to it. By adding a few references here and there in her actions, speech or thoughts, I hope, I’ve brought the emotions out more. So far I am pleased that each scene has actually contained some detail which moves the story forward and I’ve deleted a few sentences here and there which repeat exposition and tightened up wordy dialogue. 

I feel that I need to add in references to the various subplots as I go – this is something I have my eye on. Otherwise these subplots might get forgotten along the way. I feel I have set the scene of the nursery, the village, the farm and the nearest town, including a cafe and a bar, referring to them along the way. I’m not big on description so there are not huge paragraphs of this – it’s all dripped in.

I am now on Chapter 9 out of 32 and really feel that I need to ramp up the action a bit. The first five chapters are action packed, and the next four become gentler and I feel it has lulled into a bit of ‘niceness’. I need to up the pace now. So I may fast forward to some bad stuff…I don’t want the reader falling asleep when they put the book on the bedside table and not necessarily wanting to pick it up the next day!

On it goes….feeling positive at the moment.

Good luck everyone with your projects.


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