Day 1 of Camp Nano


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Yesterday was a long day, plugging my novel of 80K plus words into Scrivener. I split it into chapters and scenes. It took about twelve hours. I started the rewrite today, at about 05:00 a.m. (I have a busy day so have to slot it in somewhere!).  I have 100 scenes and so far today I have rewritten six. I only have twenty days this month to devote to Camp Nano. I am working on the basis of five scenes per day, however the front of the book is somewhat tidier than the back, so I am hoping to get ahead of myself.

I have reviewed a few creative writing notes I’ve made in the past, looked at feedback I have previously had and tips given to me by my tutor Rosemary Dun. After reviewing the individual scenes I am asking myself a few questions:-

  • Would This happen?
    • If not what else would happen to make it seem more believable?
    • If yes – have I made it clear why it happened?
  • Is there enough showing?
  • Have things changed for the MC during this scene?
    • If not should I cut it?
    • or add to it?
  • Did the scene focus around a definite point of tension that moves the plot forward?
  • Have I swayed from the story?
  • How is the MC feeling? Is it clear how she is feeling?
    • If not show it, intensify it. 

I am hoping that this will tighten my plot and bring my characters to life…

If you have any other questions you use when reviewing your work in relation to plot and character – what do you ask?

If you are doing Camp Nano…how are you getting on?


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