Camp Nano

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Tomorrow is the start of July Campnano (see for details) where I have committed to finishing my first full rewrite. I have been through half of the novel but have hit a block. It has all got rather messy with plot inconsistencies and questions I have about what is happening and whether or not it is believable. I can’t see the whole picture in my head. 

I could not sleep last night for thinking about it, so I got up at 04:00 hrs and purchased Scrivener (the writing app) for my Mac. I spent an hour reading through the tutorial and I am now transferring my novel into the application. Scrivener allows you to split the novel into parts to view and organise it in smaller sections – rather than one huge long Word document. It will also be easier for me to navigate. I am currently splitting the novel in to scenes. I will then be able to view what happens in each scene – hunt out any plot issues and decide whether or not the scene moves the plot forward – if not I will rewrite or cut. 

Phew it is going to be a tough month – especially as I am away for a week of it. But I will add a short blog each day on my progress. 

Does anyone else use Scrivener – do you have any tips?

Thanks and good luck to anyone else joining the camp in July 🙂


2 thoughts on “Camp Nano”

  1. Never used Scrivener but heard it mentioned a lot, Suzanne. It sounds like it could be a very useful tool for making the editing stages much more manageable. It’s great to hear you are still progressing. Sorry I can’t be much help, but just wanted to say good luck with it, keep going, you can do it! xx

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