Writing Routine…

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Yesterday afternoon I treated myself to a solo trip to the theatre. I saw Matilda at the Bristol Hippodrome. The kids were brilliant actors, dancer and singers; and at such a young age. It was a great plot with two stories interwoven – but I won’t say any more in case you haven’t seen it. I knew a couple of the songs already and really enjoyed it. As mentioned before, I’m writing a musical so I’m going to ensure I get out and see a few more for inspiration. Next will be Fame and then The Lion King.

Today has been another day writing. Even though I’ve the whole day to myself, I’ve taken to starting writing at 6:00 a.m. – I seem fresher at that time. My MacBook is next to my bed so I just pick it up and I’m away! As I’m rewriting it’s not an endless tap tap on keys, otherwise hubby would probably get rather stroppy! Once I get further in to the novel where there will be chunks of new material I’m sure I will have to get out of bed. I’ve been through three chapters today and think that is enough. I only want to work on it when I’m fresh.  So I’m thinking that my new routine will be writing in the mornings and then the rest of my life can be played out in the afternoons and evenings.

Is there anyone else out there that has a writing routine? Or do you fit it in, as and when, around the rest of your life?


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