I have the workmen in today. Clearing the garden, and building a patio – so there’s a bit of a noise here with pneumatic drills and cement mixer churning, so my writing station is currently my bed, the bedroom being upstairs and at the front of the house.

I’m back on it and well into to the full rewrite of Holly’s Hub. I’ve heard many times about putting your first draft away and letting it sit for a while before you go back to it, but I’ve not appreciated how useful this is until now. I can see many more of the regular errors and continuation issues such as the dog wakes up, then wakes up again in the next paragraph, without having fallen back to sleep!  I’m now reading what is there, rather than what I think is there. I’ve also been able to cut out some unnecessary parts. 

I’m doing a chapter here and there, when I get a chance, rather than having a set time. Once I’ve got into a routine, I will plan my days and have word count goals. But as I’ve just finished the structured life of a student – I’m having a few unstructured weeks and just enjoying being free! After a while though I’ll assess where I am, in relation to where I want to be and where I need to be for the novel to be in a fit state to be submitted to the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme. You are not allowed to resubmit the same work, so it needs to be substantially rewritten – which it will be. There are a lot of added scenes and changes to the characters and the plot. But I need to get all of these elements in, so that it is indeed different! I have the really helpful feedback which I received last year after submitting to the scheme and I also have benefited from a lot of advice from my tutor Rosemary Dun and feedback from other budding writers at Rosemary’s workshopping sessions at the Bristol Folk House.

Time to make some more teas for the guys…then I’ll get on with Chapter nine 🙂


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