I Got This!

Getting started on the rewrite of Holly’s Hub has been a bit of a false start, followed by a series of false starts. I have been trying to do too many things at once – update the grammar, update the plot, develop the characters, show not tell etc. which is why I have become bogged down with it. 

Over the weeks that I attended the novel plotting course I did various freewrites based on new plot points so I have decided to type up ( I did them freehand) and insert these new plot points into the draft. Some of them will not flow as there are now large passages I need to remove. I also have to write a whole new ending and I stopped the novel too soon – basically I ended it after the climax rather than having any type of resolution. So the current rewrite is going to focus on getting the extra plot points in and taking out what now is no longer needed. I am going to focus on tightening the plot. 

Then for rewrite two, I will go through again and tidy it up – get rid of the typos make it less embarrassing if someone else were to read it. 

For rewrite three I will look at the action, showing not telling, cutting any adverbs etc. 

Rewrite four I will consider the characters.  I think that as far as character development goes, the longer I spend with the characters the more I will get to know them so I am hoping (maybe foolishly) that character development will be more of an organic process. By the time I get to rewrite four I will hopefully be able to tweak characters – add in some quirky traits to each one to distinguish them, check their language is different and they don’t have too may similarities. 

Then rewrite five will be an ‘out loud’ rewrite and hopefully be the last rewrite before I start looking out for Beta readers. Then following feedback get back to another rewrite!

So that’s the plan anyway – it seems such a massive document to handle – splitting it up into smaller tasks helps me to feel I can actually get this done!

Good luck with all of your own ventures.


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