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Yesterday I said I would talk more about the novel plotting course I have been on. It is held at The Bristol Folk House. The reason I decided to take a weekly creative writing course was because my Open University (OU) degree did not specifically cover novel writing (I think it’s covered at Masters stage) and to keep my hand in. When I completed my first OU Creative writing module I was fired up, had all these big ideas about a book, a blog, competition entries and then after a few weeks it fell by the wayside as my focus turned to the other subject I study – music. I didn’t write anything for about a year. In May 2018 I finished the OU advanced creative writing module and decided to book up writing events to keep me focussed. One of those was the novel plotting course that my OU tutor, Rosemary Dun teaches at the Bristol Folk House.  Rosemary is a traditionally published novelist, an encouraging coach, straight talking and font of all creative writing knowledge. She teaches masters in creative writing too so the course was a real bargain in my eyes. It was run over six weeks and my notepad is simply bulging with novel plotting information. What helped me immensely was the weekly (optional) homework Rosemary set. This kept me focussed and I found that through this I had a new insight or idea every week. The course finished with us producing and sharing a synopsis of our plot. It was great to hear all the other ideas and I was surprised at how different they all were.

In addition to the novel plotting course, I have met on various occasions with my writing pals and whilst this involves a lot of Prosecco and cocktails we do get to chat about our respective projects and learning. I also attended The Bristol Festival of Literature which inspired me to start my blog and an event Writers and Artists, ‘How to get published’ organised by Literature Works. This coming year I’ll be going to literary festivals in Weston super Mare, Gloucester, Swindon and back to Bristol and to any more I can fit in. And I’ve signed up for Rosemary’s next 12 week course at The Folk House ‘Get your Novel Written.’ That weekly input is so important to me. 

As I said, for me it’s all about keeping a hand in, networking and if anything else ‘feeling’ like I’m a writer…walking the walk, talking the talk so that one day I will wake up to find I’ve become that writer I want to be…just like magic (okay through blood, sweat, tears, resilience and a lot of hard work.) 

If you are close to Bristol – here is the link to the Folk House courses

and here is Rosemary’s page:


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