Goal Setting

I met up with writer pals yesterday and we set our writing goals for the year. It is common for me to set goals for all areas of my life. I do this all year round, however, tend to focus on this more when the New Year is approaching.  One of my goals is to keep up my blog. It was all going great with the daily blogging but studying took over my life. As already mentioned I am finishing off my degree with a music module – I find the subject difficult, yet fascinating and it absorbs me. However, whilst the blog has been pushed to one side, the writing has not. I have continued to attend a weekly novel plotting class, more on that tomorrow, today I want to talk goals.

As I said, I have used goal setting for many years – for over half of my life. I find it focusses my mind and pushes me forward. Once I have written a goal down on paper I feel like it is a real thing, I have just lain an egg which has potential to grow. If it is not lain, thought of, or imagined I’m unlikely to work towards it. The good thing about setting goals with my pals is that I have others to hold me to account. ‘Hey what happened to you entering that writing competition?’ This can give me that push, or just be a reminder if I’ve not looked at my goals for a few days. I think it is very important that I only share goals with people I trust – with my ‘cheerleaders’. Other people can steal my confidence. There are so many people I already wish I had not mentioned my novel writing to.  (The ‘Oh here comes JK Rowling!’ ‘Wait, what? You’re still writing that book?’ Yes it does take more than a few months grrrrrrr.) Sharing goals with my pals, the ones I trust and admire, inspires me when I see what they have achieved.

Having penned my ‘writing goals’ yesterday, my next step is to write out my plan for each of those. To chunk them down into easily manageable parts and then plot the processes time wise. This is something I learned after reading the great book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins. The process takes time but I find it worth it. It makes me feel less stressed when I see a path and a plan. It motivates me when I am able to tick things off the list. My first goal is to have goals written and set out with plans for all areas of my life, before the clock strikes midnight and we pop over to 2019!

Is anyone else writing their goals? If so any tips? And good luck.


1 thought on “Goal Setting”

  1. Wonderfully inspiring Suzy. I feel very lucky and privileged to have you as my friend. Just totally love our blanc page girls and how we all encourage and drive each other to reach our goals. And how each of our individual successes feels like a triumph for all of us ❤️

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