A Daily Writing Habit…

At times, I feel my writing is going well, and at others I just can’t seem to get going. I learned during my studies, and at most writing workshops I’ve attended, that the way forward is to get into a daily writing habit.  When we talk of habit, we usually refer to the bad ones! But, as humans we are all about habits – both good habits and bad habits, all part of our daily lives. Most of the typed-up words I have in my first draft of ‘Holly’s Hub’ were created as part of campnano* – the summer session of nanowrimo**. I got into the daily habit of writing every morning at the PC for about two hours. Luckily for me this was the student summer break, so I had fewer commitments. I’m back into my studies now so it would not be as easy to do that much. However, I ‘ve been adopting a daily writing habit.

Over the last six days I have been freewriting, which is writing with pen and paper -without editing as you go….not stopping and thinking, which is what I often do at the PC – that’s rubbish – backspace – backspace  – delete.  It means I come up with ideas without my inner judgement getting in the way of what might develop into a good idea. By not letting my hand stop, by writing whatever comes into my head, even if it is this is rubbish Suzanne get a life, I keep writing and any pauses like this are quickly overcome. Staring at a white computer screen can be debilitating and then particularly with me, I find I get distracted by my social media and email notifications.  If I find a peaceful spot, away from the computer I have a better chance of completing the task, without interruption.

I set out to freewrite for ten minutes a day (not the two hours of campnano) I usually carry on until I finish a scene, but not always. In the previous six days I have written 3102 words freehand. Yes a lot of it may well be for the bin but I’m hoping there are some little gems popping out from the depths of my mind, which will come in handy when I recommence the rewrite.  So I feel at the moment that my writing is going really well – and that is because I am writing every day. Writing every day also means that I’m more likely to get back into it quickly, because I don’t have to stop and try and remember where I was up to… 😊

Good luck with your ventures and adventures 😊

Suzanne xx





1 thought on “A Daily Writing Habit…”

  1. It’s so true, I’ve been out of the habit since camp and it’s only been this last week that I’ve really got back to it. Everyday it gets a bit easier to sit down and write, I’m so out of practice! I’m determined to keep at it, have several days a week I’m writing so that it’s a regular part of my life again. Well done for being so diligent, we can only get better through practice.

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