Lost the plot!

I’m having a wobbly day with my plot. It’s like my novel is made up of a load of bricks in a wall and I’m taking some of the bricks out. But because I’ve not yet formed any new bricks, I can see it swaying and about to drop, like a game of Jenga.

I’ve spent some time today looking at my overall plot. I’m starting to worry that I have too much time spent on dull stuff, like for instance, Holly making cups of tea. I used the ‘find’ function earlier on Word and found 92 instances of the word ‘tea’.  I’ve decided rather than taking bits out at the moment – I’ll write new scenes daily so when I do get the red pen out and strike through pages and pages…I’ll have something to slot in there so I’m not left with a pile of rubble. Some new scenes may make it – some not but I’m quite pleased that in this process I’m getting to know more about Holly. By spending time with her every day I’m connecting with how she feels and reacts in all sorts of situations.  

Ultimately this is a romance but I still want it to be bursting with action…as in something is happening all of the time. This has spurred me to think action, action, action. All a part of the classic show and not tell. I’m just going through it now and writing the plot points out on ‘post it’ notes, which I am attaching to a large piece of card (as can be seen above).

Anyway – as Holly always says… it’s time for a cup of tea


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