Pig of a Day

Bit of a busy week. I have the decorators in. The builders are in the back garden laying a patio. I’m babysitting my Godson and conducting research interviews and observations as part of my degree. Yesterday was the first day I did not work on ‘Holly’s Hub’. My house is not child safe so I had my Godson  pretty much glued to me for the entire day. I also indulged in a lot of Peppa Pig.  My teenage daughter said to me, ‘This is soooooo old.’ That made me smile as to her, it must seem really dated, but to me it’s still fresh even though I’ve probably sat through the episodes so many times. Now ‘Noddy’ and ‘Hector’s House’ – they are dated!

Peppa Pig used to be my daughter’s favourite too. We fished her old Peppa Pig toys from the cellar, which came in handy with keeping the little one amused. I was wondering what made Peppa Pig so popular. I concluded that it is probably the simple settings and the lovable clear characters. The Pig family sure know how to have fun and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Whilst I have been unable to write or get to my PC, I do still have my mind whirring away! Thinking about characters and plots. Yesterday I was thinking about novel no.2. The reason for this is that I will soon be attending a creative writing workshop one evening a week – for six weeks. This is called ‘Plotting your Novel’. I read somewhere that if you send an enquiry off to an agent, they like you to have another book in the pipeline.  For this reason I have decided that the new plot should be one which most suits the genre I have already written i.e. in the same style as Holly’s Hub. It will also mean that I can rejoin the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme next year. As mentioned before, the scheme is really helpful for getting valuable critique and feedback. So yesterday, Novel no.2 was evolving in my head as Daddy Pig snorted and Peppa squealed as they went out in the car on various day trips. The working title is ‘Going, Going Gone’ and is about a heroine who runs away and starts a new life as an Auctioneer in a seaside town. Today I will buy myself a new notebook so I can get my ideas down on paper…any excuse for some new stationery 🙂

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