An Artist’s View

I’ve read through another chapter of Holly’s Hub today. I realise I need to add a lot more description.  I have started to focus on the setting. I have to make better sense of Holly’s surroundings. She lives on a garden nursery but I am not confident that I’ve described it enough. This is tricky for me, as description isn’t something I find easy – I’m more of an action girl. I’m not sure if others can see what I am seeing in my head. I find it hard to choose what parts to describe and what to leave to the imagination of the reader.

I wondered – do I take one large section of the novel using it to describe the whole village? Or to mention parts here and there? I’ve decided to go with dripping the description in – whenever Holly moves to a new scene. As this is third person limited I can’t suddenly whizz above on a drone and map it out for the reader because that would spoil the point of view.

I thought it would be a great idea to draw a map of the setting. So I’ve scribbled out a picture of the whole village. Holly my main character is an artist…I am not! But it is clear enough 😊 Although next time I am over at The Range I will purchase one of those large A3 art mounting cards and encompass the farm. Once an area has been described in the novel, I will colour it in – so I know what parts the reader can see.  Looking at the map now – I know now exactly where the nursery is in relation to the neighbouring farm and the village. It was a really useful exercise and I have a better idea of what the village looks like. So far all that had been mentioned of the village is the pub. I’ve since given the village a green, some shops and a primary school. And I know where most of the residents live. I will be able to weave in and make the surroundings vivid – flesh it out a bit and new ideas are already presenting themselves…this will hopefully add to the plot and cement everything together.

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