The Plot Thickens

Just rewritten Chapters two and three. As mentioned yesterday I am having to change Holly’s ex-boyfriend Tom, into an ex-husband. This comes with an issue – to marry someone you have to be pretty sure they are ‘the one’. The reader has to believe that Holly loved him enough to marry him. That he was nice enough to marry. I’ve made Tom so odious that it’s not really believable that anyone would want to marry him. The reader may think that Holly, is a silly fool for saying ‘I do.’ Foolishness is not a trait I want my main character to have. So I’m painting her ex as someone who has changed…a lot. A charmer. I googled charmers and how to recognise a charmer for some tips. What I found unnerving was a correlation with the description with one of my ex-men. This, however, did give me a personality to relate to! I think I need secondary characters to be just as surprised in the changes in him. Having made Tom a charmer, new ideas have come to mind for the plot. I’m glad that the plot is thickening out in this way, I’d like the length of my novel to be closer to 90K, which is an extra 15K words to create.

Another adjustment is that I am putting thoughts in as italics. Now this is a controversial decision as some say you should not do this and it is more suited to YA fiction. However, at the Bristol festival of literature workshop, which I attended last weekend, Amy Morse suggested that ‘he thought, she thought’ was outdated. I’m not confident that the thoughts are clear enough having removed the ‘she thought’ so this is the reason I have put them in italics. I know where they are and then will decide later on, whether I can remove the italics. So much to think about…

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