and we’re off…

On my mission to inch ever forward to my goal of publishing a novel, I have started the rewrite of Holly’s Hub. The theme is – rebuilding life after disaster strikes. I’m setting the scene in Chapter One – no disaster as yet has befallen our heroine, although there are a few rumblings of trouble ahead.

As mentioned yesterday I had my first draft critiqued by the Romantic Novelists’ Association. One of the points that was picked up about my plot was that I’d made the terrible ex character as someone that lived with the heroine and that he was after half of her property, due to being her common-law husband. The person that critiqued it for me, pointed out that there is no such thing as common-law relationships and that if you live with someone and are not married to them, you have no claim whatsoever on their property.  She suggested I googled this. I did and indeed that is the case! So, I had to either change the plot drastically or turn her ex-boyfriend – into her ex-husband.  I decide on the latter and this is what I am doing with the rewrite. Top tip….do thorough research!

I am also picking out some of the grammatical errors.  There is a rather embarrassing mistake I made – one of the characters was called ‘Les’ – I used the ‘find and replace’ option in word and changed it to Len. This has caused me no end of issues because as well as the word Les – it changed parts of words with ‘les’ in for example ‘Sales woman’ has become ‘Salen Woman.’ There are hundreds of these throughout my text which is currently at 73500 words.  *slaps forehead* Top tip  – beware of find and replace.

Back to it then…good luck to any fellow writers working on their first novel.


2 thoughts on “and we’re off…”

    1. Thanks for the tip Sue 🙂 I’ve made a note of that 🙂 I did Camp Nano in July which fits in more with my year and managed the 50K words. I have started the main Nanowrimo in November a few times but I usually fall short due to my degree course. I may still sign up though, as I’m already feeling ‘left out’ ha ha 🙂 Are you doing it this year?


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