In the beginning

I attended Bristol’s Festival of Literature this week and took part in an amazing workshop taken by the brilliant Amy Morse. Amy describes herself as an Authorpreneur and she helps business’s develop their online presence. This is the start of my social media journey. I have recently completed the first draft of my first novel. As stated by Ernest Hemingway ‘The first draft of anything is shit’…and that is where I am at! I joined the Romantic Novelists Association ‘s New Writers Scheme and had this first draft critiqued. I cringed sending off a ‘first’ draft however was heartened that there were positives and I had some great feedback. I am in the last year of my OU degree and studying a collaborative music module with Trinity Laben Conservatoire. Music is a bit of a passion of mine and it can distract me from my writing. With that in mind I have decided to follow some advice given by Amy Morse, to do one small thing a day towards my writing goal. I am posting my journey and hope that by doing so, I will feel that in some way I am being held accountable. That my goal of making a living as a writer is being put out there and I will keep my mind focused on my goal. I have started with setting up a blog so forgive the starkness of the site….I thought rather than wait until I have the hang of WordPress….I’d just start here…

1 thought on “In the beginning”

  1. Great blog Suzanne 🙂 It was a wonderful day wasn’t it! And I have to admit I feel just a tiny bit closer to being a writer. You are amazing getting that first draft down and are a huge inspiration. Baby steps, together we can do this x

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